Annual Feminist Thought & Activism Conference

We’re sad to announce that the Feminist Thought & Activism Conference on March 29th is cancelled.
We’re hoping to adapt some of the information to provide some engagement at a later date. Stay tuned!

The one-day conference is designed to be educational and entertaining, providing opportunities for the community to engage in conversations surrounding gender and other social justice issues. Throughout the day the conference hosts a keynote and several breakout sessions that allow attendees to take part in awareness raising, critical dialogue and reflection, and community building to promote gender equity at CSU and beyond.

*Typical Structure of the Day:

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
*all details subject to change



Want to attend?

Check us out next year for information on our conference in 2021!

We ask presenters to consider trending topics that center gender/gender identity and that use transnational, intersectional feminist and social justice frameworks in their discussion of consciousness raising, knowledge production and/or ways of being. Sessions will be selected based on the proposal and session criteria below:

Proposal Criteria

  • Explain why the topic is relevant, timely, and contributes to the mission of the conference.
  • Clearly identify learning outcomes for the session (what should participants get out of it)
  • Demonstrate viable strategy for engaging participants
  • Identify any needed technological support or other materials to assure successful learning and engagement for participants
  • Include a session abstract of no more than 150 words and a presenter bio(s) of no more than 100 words. Call for proposals will begin January 2020.

Session proposal will be subjected to review by multiple readers. The selection committee reserves the right to select sessions which align with the mission and values of the Feminist Thought & Activism Conference and the Women and Gender Advocacy Center


Session Criteria

  • Designate your audience. Participants will primarily be CSU students. However, audience may include staff, faculty, and community members of all genders.
  • Creativity is important in presentation, style, format, title and description of workshop.
  • Highly participatory formats are most well received. Participants may have a wide variety of learning styles and knowledge with the topics presented.
  • Sessions are scheduled for an hour (60 minutes). We try hard to make sure you can start on time. Plan to end on time.
  • Build accessible practices in from the start. Choose adaptive activities and room setups, use large and legible fonts for presentations and handouts, provide large-print version of digital presentations.
  • Presentations should be intersectionally informed. In addition to gender-based oppression, consider how other forms of oppression factor into the topic, when applicable. Presenter should also consider their social position in presenting the information and holding the session space.

Topic suggestions.

We appreciate a diverse pool of submissions to choose from. We welcome submissions on any topics that relate to the mission of the conference. In the proposal application we ask you to select the most closely related optics from the provided list:

  • Skill Building and Activism
  • Professional Development and Leadership
  • Media and Pop Culture
  • Art
  • Global Perspectives
  • Spirituality and Mental Health
  • Politics, Business, and the Economy
  • Environmentalism and Sustainability
  • Medicine, Healthcare, and Reproductive health
  • Gender, Race, and Social Identities
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Anyone is welcome to apply. To honor the student led roots of the conference, priority will be given to undergraduate and graduate students at CSU.

Our 2020 Call for Proposals has now ended.

Previous Conference Themes, Speakers, and Performers

2020 – Keynote: Afrosexology

2019 – A World Without Feminism is Like a World Without Bees | Keynote: Locatora Radio

2018 – Planting the Flowers of Resistance | Keynote: Amal Kassir – Poet

2017- Speaking Out, Breaking Out, and Redefining | Keynote: Jessica Chavez Salazar – Lawyer for the Attorney General, State of Colorado

2016- Taking time to Empower & Accept yourself and others (TEA) | Keynote: Sheila Katz- Hillel’s Vice President for Social Entrepreneurship

2015- Unity at the Intersections: Celebrating the Diversity of Women’s Lives | Keynote: Zerlina Maxwell- Political Analyst, Writer, Speaker, Commentator

2014- Looking Back, Reaching Forward | Keynote: Katrina L. Rodriguez, PhD- Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement and Dean of Students at University of Northern Colorado

2013- Communities in Action, Strength Through Knowledge | Keynote: Akiba Solomon- Colorline’s Gender Matters blogger & Special Guest Ari Belathar- Mexican Poet and Playwrite

2012- Broadening Our Community: Beyond the Mainstream | Keynote: Courtney E. Martin, Author, blogger, and speaker  & Pabitra Benjamin, Grassroots activist

2011- Share Your Voice: Be The Movement | Keynote: Cristy C. Road- Artist and Writer & Saja Butler- Musician and Business Owner

2010- Strengthening Our Roots and Growing Together  | Keynote: Gabriela Garcia Medina- Slam Poet

2009- Redefining Ourselves: Beyond Boundaries & Borders

2007- Reflecting on Her Story to Illuminate Our Future

2006- Empowering Women: Coming Together to Move Forward

2005- Come As You Are: Celebrating the Diversity of Women’s Lives | Keynote: Dr. Luoluo Hong- “I am Woman! Hear Me Roar: Dispelling the Superwoman Myth”

As you may know, this year would have marked the 15th annual Feminist Thought & Activism Conference at CSU. Due to COVID-19 and campus closing, we had to put the in-person event on hiatus. However, we’re happy to present to you the very special keynote portion virtually!

Afrosexology has recorded their keynote and created an accompanying workbook for us to make available for our Conference participants and CSU community. Use the buttons below to navigate to the presentation video and the workbook. The presentation video is both closed captioned and transcribed.

About Afrosexology: Afrosexology, LLC, was birthed from the desire to experience a more sex-positive Black community. Owners, Dalychia and Rafaella, are two Black, women, pleasure advocates, sex educators, social workers, activists, and creators, who are passionate about empowering people to live their most pleasurable lives. They have been interviewed and featured in Huff Post, Vibe, and Playboy magazines to share expertise and share the passion behind this movement. Afrosexology has traveled nationwide and internationally, successfully engaging with over 10,000 people through community workshops, conferences, webinars, and social media. Afrosexology aims to educate, explore, and reclaim Black sexuality and promote Black self-empowerment through sexual liberation. You can find Afrosexology online and on Instagram .

This keynote is co-sponsored by RAMEvents.