Destress fest is a series of events that we host during the week prior to finals week. As we know, students often find that finals are a very stressful time and our goal is to help students reduce the anxiety and pressure that they may feel.  Some of our events in the past have include craft sessions, workshops on managing triggers, complimentary breakfast located in our office and midnight snacks at the library. Please check our calendar for more information on this event and others like it.

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Yup… you read that right. WGAC is offering a personal protection and empowerment class. Allow us to explain. 🙂

WGAC’s firmly believes that the only person responsible for preventing any assault is the person who chooses to commit it. Therefore, victims are never at fault for an assault, no matter what they do. Period. End of story.

Having said that, we also recognize that for some students, simple tasks like walking across campus at night, declining a date, setting healthy boundaries, etc. can feel like daunting tasks.  Some students are away from home for the first time, may have a history of trauma, and/or struggle with anxiety related to feeling safe.

WGAC believes that everyone deserves to feel safe on campus so we have developed a curriculum that explores the gendered dynamics of “safety” and teaches strategies to help all students feel safer and more empowered.

To sign up or for questions, please email Space is limited so don’t wait!