The purpose for FSASA on our campus is to educate and ultimately help prevent rape, sexual assault and relationship violence among CSU’s Sorority and Fraternity community. We hope to achieve these by:

  • Dispelling myths surrounding rape, sexual assault and relationship violence among Sorority and Fraternitystudents at CSU
  • Educating students on how they can play a role in preventing rape and sexual assault in our community
  • Developing a firm understanding of the resources available for survivors of rape, sexual assault, and other forms of violence
  • Serving as a knowledge base and resource for community members who are in some way affected by issues related to sexual assault, rape and relationship violence
  • Fostering collaboration among groups concerned with the health and well-being of CSU students
  • Leading the CSU community in educating students about sexual violence

All members of our Sorority and Fraternity communities are invited to attend our class. In this eight week, one credit hours class students will be trained to use their knowledge to educate others both in their specific chapters and in our community as a whole. The class is currently offered in the Spring Semester.

For more information about FSASA please contact Lindsay Sell (