Interested in working at the WGAC?

Check out these student staff positions! Select the position of your choice to view more information include applications for employment. All job openings will be posted to handshake when applicable.

All Student Aide positions are work-study positions. If you are not eligible for need-based work study, you may be eligible to apply for merit work-study. Please contact the Office of Financial with for questions about work-study.


 The Red Whistle Brigade is a troupe of students who are responsible for providing educational programming in the areas of gender socialization, sexual violence prevention, healthy relationships, sexual health and more!

Students who wish to join the brigade must first successfully complete WS 397—Intro to Gender-Based Violence in a US Context. This 3-credit class is offered each spring and is open to any CSU student.

Using traditional facilitation, film screenings, flash mobs, photo booths, plaza days, street theater and more, the Red Whistle Brigade uses peer education to interrupt oppression on campus.

The Student Graphic Designer will work approximately 5-10 hours per week during the semester and designs original concepts, graphics, and layouts for our digital and print  media and marketing.

Students will be directly supervised by the Program Coordinator for the WGAC; will have regular individual meetings. All student employees of the WGAC are expected to meet the necessary obligations with performing the specific functions of their jobs is addition to modeling our values of inclusion and intersectional social justice, while creating a safe, affirming space for survivors of interpersonal violence.

View the full job description here: Job Description Graphic Designer.

This position supports the office digital education and advocacy efforts by editing, mixing, captioning, and finishing podcasts and videos.

There are also opportunities for peer education employment on a broader range of diversity and social justice topics.

icon for SEED educatorsStudents Empowering & Engaging in Dialogue (SEED) provides peer-led workshops to students by students. The goal of all the workshops is to engage and increase student’s knowledge, awareness, understanding and skills on topics of identity, inclusion, bias, and social justice. The program is student-led and aims to facilitate students in dialogues across difference with the hope that a more inclusive campus and community is fostered. Workshops are on a by-request basis and range in a variety of topics and we are open to creating a unique workshop based on your learning and skill goals.  If you are interested in requesting a workshop or learning more contact: