Support Group
Fridays 4:00 – 4:50 PM

A support group for survivors of sexual assault, child sexual abuse, relationship violence, and/or stalking. Space is created for students to process their experiences, discuss coping strategies, and learn more about how to manage the impact of trauma. There are no structured topics discussed each week, but themes do often arise during each group session.

The Body and The Mind 

Trauma can be an overwhelming experience both emotionally and psychologically. When our minds cannot understand or process experiences, they often stay with us in our bodies. Movement, breathwork, and mindfulness-based practices can provide treatment beyond talk therapy helping to alleviate the body’s experience of trauma.

Secondary Survivors Workshop

This workshop is available for partners, family, and friends of gender-based violence survivors. In this workshop, we’ll be covering topics from how trauma affects the brain, how you can best support your loved one, and how vicarious trauma can impact support systems.  Dinner will be provided. The no-cost registration is required please email for more details.