A student may request that all grades in an academic period (one or more semesters of continuous enrollment) be retroactively removed and be replaced by entries of ―W on his or her transcript. A retroactive withdrawal may be granted only when a student could neither function normally during the academic period nor be reasonably expected to complete a university withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances such as an incident leading to major physical or mental trauma. Click the following links for more information about how to request a withdrawal or a retroactive withdrawal.

For students who have had to withdraw from a course or a semester because of interpersonal violence, the WGAC has established a scholarship.

The Women and Gender Advocacy Center Academic Retention Scholarship is a one-time scholarship award designed to support a student who has reenrolled in a course/s from which they withdrew as a result of past/present trauma they experienced. Funding can be used to support tuition and student fees in cases that fit the criteria below. It is administered through the Women and Gender Advocacy Center. Current students are eligible to apply using the form available on the WGAC website. This scholarship has a rolling application and will be awarded by a committee.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant has withdrawn after the add/drop date from a course or courses as a result of experiencing sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and/or stalking.
  • Applicant has not been granted a tuition appeal for the withdrawn course/s.
  • Applicant is reenrolled in previously withdrawn from course/s.
  • The scholarship can only be awarded to currently enrolled Colorado State University students. The preference will be given to undergraduate students and graduate students can apply.
  • Applicant must demonstrate a plan for successfully completing the course/s in question.

The amount awarded varies as funding is available.

The WGAC recognizes this financial hardship as another way survivors of interpersonal violence are traumatized after their assault. The office is creating an endowment for survivors of interpersonal violence who have withdrawn from one or more of their courses as a result of the trauma related to interpersonal violence they experienced. It is our hope to raise the $25,000 needed so that we may begin awarding the scholarship in the Fall of 2019. To donate to the fund click here.