This guy had been a friend…

This guy had been a friend (previously gone on a few dates, but just never worked out like that) for a couple of years. We used to go grab Sonic late at night and just talk, so when he texted if I wanted to hang out, it didn’t seem strange for me to accept. He said if we could stop by a mutual’s house, and I was okay with that. They began smoking weed and offered me some. I had only smoked like twice before this night and had a really low tolerance. I didn’t realize how much stronger the pen they had was than what I had done before. I only remember it being super late, and in my head, it made sense that we would have to stay the night. So we laid on the ground to go to bed, and the last thing I remember was his hands in my pants, I was too high to comprehend what was going on. It took me a while to process what had happened, and I still don’t know everything; exactly what he did. I still wish I would have ignored his text message.

– Anonymous (she/her/Ella)

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