He said I’m…

He said I’m…
A Stupid Bitch. Disgusting. Ugly. Fat.
Annoying. Smelly. Embarrassing. Boring.
Too Intense. Too Loud. Too Emotional. Too Much.

Controlling. Emasculating. Intimidating. Abusive.
A Slob. Uptight. Unappreciative. Confused.
A Liar. A Cheater. Trying Too Hard. Not Trying Hard Enough.

Worthless. A Piece of Shit. Trash. Not Worth It.

He said I should…
Calm Down. Shut the Fuck Up. Get Out. Drink More.
Stop Expecting Support. Stop Being Emotional. Stop Asking Questions.
Stop Talking to Friends. Forget My Family. Quit School. Focus on Him.

He said…
Fuck You. I Wish We Never Met. You’re a Bad Mom. I Can Do Whatever I Want.
It’s All Your Fault. You Make Me Do This. You’re the Abuser. I Didn’t Do Anything to You.
I Never Wanted Our Kids. I Wish We Never Met. I’ll Kill Myself. I’ll Kill You.

Lied. Cheated. Screamed. Broke Things. Isolated Me.
Pushed. Squeezed. Shoved. Threw. Hit. Raped. Strangled.

There’s Lots of Things Survivors Hold in Their Memories.