black and white sign that reads Black Lives Matter We stand against
anti-Blackness and
police brutality.
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Our COVID-19 Response

The WGAC cares about your needs and we are committed to supporting you the best we can during this time. All of our services and programs are currently provided virtually. Click below to learn more. __________ Read Full Statement

chat with an advocate

A confidential advocate is waiting to help you. Click HERE to find out how to chat. __________

WGAC will be offering virtual services this fall.

The Victim Assistance Team hotline will operate 24/7 as usual. To talk to an advocate call (970) 492-4242.
You can also chat with an advocate between the hours of 1 – 4 PM, Monday – Thursday. Click here to start chatting.

For any non-advocacy related needs or to request a program, please email or call 970-491-6384.

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CSU students, faculty, and staff support this free and confidential service. Volunteers undergo a 40-hour training to serve a volunteers on the hotline.


Where men deconstruct what it means to “be a man”. The program explores masculinity, its relationship to violence, and how all men can work to prevent gender violence.


Peer educators who provide programming on topics like gender socialization, sexual violence prevention, healthy relationships, sexual health and more!


Sometimes people talk about consent as though it is a gray area that can be difficult to figure out. In reality, we practice asking for consent all day long about things that are much less significant. Consent is not a difficult concept. Not only is consent easy to understand, it can be a total turn on to practice! Click the link below or watch the video to see the Red Whistle Brigade help us further understand consent.